The game develops inside our self, between our most distant thoughts and our fears...madnesses... in a digital future. Phollia is a mix of a platform, an action and a puzzle game where speed, the genius, is the only way to win our battle against Phollia.

Platform 2D

In the platform sections the player can run, jump and climb. The world falls apart, transforms itself and regenerates following a not always realistic but changing physic.

The player can collect various items that let the player access hidden sections or unlock bonuses or collectibles. To clear a level, it is necessary to find a key. Every level contains an item to find which unlocks a hidden world with bonuses and information on Phollia.

Enemies block passages or slow them mostly. They need to be avoided or to make them fall strategically. When the player falls in the void or touches an enemy is game over.

At the end of every world there’s an end level monster which needs to be dealt with to move on to the next world.

The game actions should never be slowed or be frustrating.


3D sections are journeys between the synapsis of our self and the player can collect bonuses or crossways in secret areas. As before, the world will distort and change his properties.

The factor

As already said, time and execution speed are important elements for the gameplay. After few seconds the world will slowly be devoured from the blackside. An area of our consciousness that slowly erase paradoxical situations.

Even if the graphic is minimal, it will be abstracted with both esthetic and emotive scenic elements.

The end game will be a paradox that will bring the player to reality, waking him up. Phollia is our consciousness, our most deep self.





Game Screenshots




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